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walking in a winter wonderland!
Title: Snow
Rating: G
Warnings: Kissing? Fluff?
Word Count: 200
Characters: Lily/James
Notes: 067. Snow for fanfic100 . Also in honor of the snow we got yesterday. Almost a foot of it! 

When Lily woke up to see the grounds covered in a few inches of white, she could hardly contain her excitement as she bundled up in mittens and scarves and coats and hats. With hardly a word to anyone, she practically ran outside to build a snowman and side down the hill and make snow angels like a second year. 

She found a simple delight in the newly fallen snow as she spun around in her winter boots and fell onto the snow happily. 

Suddenly, something tuggs her hat over her eyes and her arms flail around to grab onto something. Lily can hear and feel his laughter as he tackles her and sends them both tumbling in the snow. In spite of it all, she can’t control the giggles that bubble out of her as they roll through the white fluff.  

Finally they stop. James is over her, and they are both laughing even if they’re covered in snow and freezing in the remains of a storm. He cuts her laugh off when he presses his lips firmly against hers. Lily feels her cheeks heat up, and she can feel the warmth spread all the way to her toes.  


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