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Title: Happy Birthday, Lily
Word Count: 766
Prompt: 031. Sunrise
Rating: PG
Warnings: Kissing
Characters: Lily/James
Notes: This is part of my NaNoWriMo novel for 2009. I glanced over it, but it has not been beta'd or even edited/revised. Just a little peak of the novel.

The light dusting of snow was just enough to crunch under their feet as they walked across the lawn of the Hogwarts grounds. It was too late, or early depending on how you counting it, for them to be out on the grounds, Lily knew, but it was hard to resist when he was leading her across them like this.

He had found her on the way up to her dormitory for the night and had invited her to stay with him for the night. “It is the night before your birthday,” he reminded her as she followed him upstairs after changing into a new set of pajamas and making sure that Riley knew where she was. Then she had hurried up with him and curled up next to him.

In the middle of the night, though, she had been shaken awake by him shaking her shoulder and whispering by her ear that she should wake up. He had tied a ribbon over her eyes to hide them and guided her down the stairs and out on to the grounds with the ribbon still in place.

His arm was around her waist to guide her along and to make sure that she stayed on the right track. Lily clutched the empty air in front of her and felt James’ laugh rumble in his chest beside her. Her side was pressed against his chest. He even caught her when she almost fell and landed face first in the snow.

They moved along the grounds smoothly enough considering that it was dark, and she could not see more than the black spots where her vision normally was. It was hard to figure out what time it was or what they were doing since he had not even let her see the time on the clock by his bed before he tied to ribbon around her eyes and told her in that nice voice of his to follow her.

It seemed like it could have been hours or only minutes since they had left the warmth of his bed in the castle and had decided to try the great outdoors for the night. She was growing restless and wanted to know what she had been woken for.

When she asked how much longer it would be, she had only received a kiss on her temple as the answer. That did not answer her question, but it did distract her from it enough to not ask again for a while.

Finally, they came to a stop. Where, she did not know, and she still did not know what time or what hour they were even near. It did not seem as important now that they seemed to find the place he had been leading her toward all of this time.

“Are you ready?” came his voice, right by her ear.

She could feel his hands at the knot of ribbon at the back of her head. Lily nodded and felt him work against the knot to try to get it undone. After a minute that felt more like ten, the ribbon dropped from around her eyes.

The sight that met her eyes completely took her breath away, and she could now understand the saying. It was true. Beautiful things could simply leave you breathless, even if you had been breathing normally once seconds before hand.

When she had first felt the ribbon leave, it took her eyes a few seconds to adjust to the change of sudden lighting. Once they had focused, though, she could not look away. The sun was peeking out of the earth, waking up with the rest of the world to greet the new day. The new day that, as James had reminded her last night, was her eighteenth birthday.

“James,” she breathed, waiting the sun rise on her first day as an eighteen year old. Now she was legal in both of her worlds. “It’s beautiful.” The word did not seem enough to really describe the colors and patterns on the new day’s sky. Who knew that something that happened every day could be so beautiful and amazing? How could people sleep through this and never see it in their lives?

James laughed and kissed her temple from behind. His hands had rested on her shoulders as she took the whole thing in. “So are you,” he whispered by her ear. “Happy birthday, Lily.”

She turned, smiled up at him, and reached up to put her arms around his neck to kiss him. “Thank you so much,” she mumbled before pressing her lips against his.

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