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goodbye, my almost lover
Title: Wake Up
Word Count: 1,145
Rating: PG
Warnings: Kissing
Prompt: 072. Fixed
Characters: Lily/James
Notes: Again, it is from my NaNo novel. Barely looked over it, honestly. Hope you like it at least a little.

One hour.

It had been one bloody hour since he had been put in this stupid wing. This had to have been way too long. Madame Pomfrey had sworn that nothing was too serious…

One hour and one minute.

Come on, James. What was keeping him asleep all of this time?

One hour and two minutes.

Good Godric, she was going insane like this.

One hour and three minutes.

When was he going to wake up already?

The curtain had been pulled around his bed to grant them so privacy from the dozens of people who had tried to come into the wing when they heard about what had happened. It blocked some people out, but Lily could still hear the sounds of shuffling and talking outside. Oh well, they could wait, just like she was.

During the match that morning, the Slytherins did not seem to focus on winning the game the rule written way. Instead of stealing the ball to score goals they were taking players out until they were the last ones standing. James had been doing a great job of dodging them and even scoring a few goals, but he would never have been able to see the seeker coming behind him. He slammed right into him where a bludger got him and sent him down to the ground. Lily had watched the whole thing unfold with her hand over her mouth, her teeth biting into the skin. Before she even knew if she was allowed, she had rushed down the stairs to follow him up to the hospital wing, leaving the rest of the game forgotten.

Now his eyes were still closed and his breathing was still normal. Lily held on to his hand and pressed it between her two, shaking hands. He had to wake up soon. Now he was just sleeping them off. Pomfrey had said that he only broke a few ribs and his wrist. She had even said that it could have been worse. He would probably heal soon enough, but he was still worrying her.

At least when he woke up she had good news. Because of the Slytherin strategy, they had gotten almost no points. In the nick of time, the Gryffindor seeker reached up and caught the snitch to win the game. At least, she thought to herself, he would be happy to know that his treasured team could win him the game, even if he was in the hospital wing for half of it.

“Wake up, James,” she whispered again as she squeezed his hand between hers.

He shifted in his sleep and turned toward her. The bruise was obvious on his wrist where he had gotten hit, and it looked quite painfully. Luckily for him, he was asleep so he could not feel it. She needed to see him open his eyes at her, though, even if it was only for a second, or she would go mad waiting.

Just open them once…

He shifted in his sleep again, and this time she could see his eyelids move. They flittered shadows across his cheeks until they opened and blinked once, twice, three times.

He was awake!

Lily swooped down and kissed his forehead quickly, meeting his dark hazel eyes with her own green ones. “Oh, James! You’re up! Do you feel all right? Do you need something? Do you want anything? Need Pomfrey, because I can -.”

Before she could finish her worried speech, James lifted his uninjured hand to put a finger against her moving lips. The slowed, mouthing a few words silently against his finger.

He was blinking and meeting her eyes and seemed to be all right. She just wanted to lean down and kiss him again! He did not know how long she had been waiting for him to just open his eyes and look up at her and let her know that he was fine and safe and had been okay the whole time that she had been worrying.
“Lily,” he said carefully as he looked around him briefly. He seemed to know where he was. When he moved this time, he winced at the pain in his ribs from the movement. Yes, he knew where he was. His eyes went back to hers quickly with something pressing hidden in them. Something was bothering him. “How did…” He seemed unwilling to really make himself ask the question.

Maybe he did not want to know the answer. It would be better to hear it from her, though, he decided. The Slytherins would be rude and the team would be upset with him or too forgiving because of his fall. How had he been so stupid to not see…? But it did not matter now. Now he needed to know if they really had lost the match as he thought they might have.

“How did the match go, Lils?” he asked her, really wishing she could give him a good answer. She would never lie, though, so he just had to wait for the news to really sink in that the best they could get for the year would be second. One place too low to end his seventh and final year.

Lily grinned. How could she? Did she not know how much this meant to him? “You won,” she answered with the grin still in place.

No way.

“No, really?” he asked in surprise as he tried to sit up. The shooting pain in his chest made him lay back down again, but the look did not leave his face. They had won, of all things? How… When he last remembered they had been getting nailed with…

“I couldn’t lie to you,” Lily answered. That had to be true. She was still grinning, something she could never do with a lie. He was also injured rather painfully, and Lily would not be the type of person to hurt an injured person even more. She had to be serious, there was no other explanation for her words.

Despite the pain at his ribs, James smiled and pulled her down with him. He grabbed the collar of her shirt and pulled her down to kiss her thoroughly for the victory. Lily laughed against his lips and moved to get closer to him.

Then the curtains snapped open.

“What do you think you’re doing?” the mediwitch yelled at the scene as Lily jumped away from him quickly and tried to tame her hair that had already started to stick up in the back where his hand had been. She turned that charming bright red that she always did when she was embarrassed or surprised and knocked over her chair that she had been using to wait for him to wake up in the process of her escape.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to… I’ll just be… See you later, James!”

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Lily and James just kind of make cute happen. I love it.

I have to go through a lot of it. I'm trying to think of a way to make it an organized train of thought and way of reading. Plus, a friend is going to beta for me before it goes out too much.

Adorable! I'm not even a James/Lilly shipper and I thought that was really good. It makes me want to ruffle their hair obnoxiously.
Are you feeling the post-nano gloom?
*is quite bored*

^^ Thank you, amazing.
And... almost. I feel like I have tons to do, though. xD I do miss NaNo, though. CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT YEAR, EH?

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