it's so contagious, i cannot get it out of my mind

you make me feel so hot... all the time ;D

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get you into the spirit
I got this from the lovely remuslives23
She's wonderful. (:

On the twelfth day of Christmas, scaratthedisco sent to me...
Twelve parselmouths singing
Eleven penguins writing
Ten elvis arguing
Nine beatles acting
Eight volgbrothers a-reading
Seven computers a-texting
Six musicals a-nerdfighting
Five awe-e-e-esometastic things
Four star wars
Three cool republicans
Two photographic memories
...and a madeline in a candy.
Get your own Twelve Days:

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Five awesometastic things? Not very specific, but it sounds pretty damn good to me! :) *hugs*

Haha! Then it counts anything your heart desires. <3


been on your journal a few times so I thought i'd chime in and say Merry Christmas since I just got my own journal now =D

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