it's so contagious, i cannot get it out of my mind

you make me feel so hot... all the time ;D

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thank you and good night!
So, I got the idea from the always lovely lar_laughs .

Presents for you and to get me inspired! I'll be writing fan fictions for you guys. Likey? Yay!

Harry Potter, obviously. xD


1. One to four characters

2. The title

3. A word or phrase that you would like included

Get creative, kiddos. : D

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1. Sirius and Remus :D

2. uh...Ducklings :D

3. obsequious :D

Why yes, I am a terrible person. Thank you!

Putting the "challenge" in "challenge." I almost made the title a random vocab word but...I'm not that mean. Good luck! ♥

You would, dear Katie. You would.

I almost put a line in about people having the chance to torture me. You did that without the prompting. Here, take ten points for causing hair-rippage. :PP

And I'm going to lie and say that I don't need to look that word up. Remus is using it since Sirius (and... me) don't know what it means. Ha.

I Am a Rock just came on. Oh, Remus.

Haha. Thanks. :PP

Being tortured with terrible prompts builds character!

Obsequious is one of my favorite words of all time. It's brilliant. I mean, the meaning is lame, but obbbSEEEEEEEEquiiiioussss. So good.

Haha, take your time...and best of luck.

1. The Black Sisters (all three of them, thank you very much)

2. Killing Time

3. What will you tell her?

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